Welcome to the USDAC's HI-LI Database. 

"HI-LI" stands for High-Impact Low-Infrastructure.  We're interested in finding and highlighting HI-LI models for building creative community that are:

  • Participatory.  We highlight projects that are open to a general public, participatory, and do not require special expertise to take part. 
  • Replicable. Every Citizen Artist brings a personal touch to any project model. But for this Database we seek ideas and projects with a fundamental structure that can translate across sites.
  • Volunteer-Friendly.  It shouldn't take paid staff to make these projects happen. Any motivated individual or group should be able to take a highlighted project and run with it.
  • Low-cost.  Projects need not be cost-free, but all should be feasible without major organizational support or backing. We suggest a $500 cap and are especially interested in models that cost nothing or close to it. Projects should be free or donation/sliding-scale for anyone taking part.
  • Bridge-building.  Highlighted project models should have the potential to bring together different groups and communities.

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