Cultural Action Clinic

Brief description: The cultural action clinic is a public gathering in which all kinds of artists, cultural practitioners, city planners and other community members can gather to share and explore ideas for local projects. Held in a public space, it brings together people with multiple skill-sets to swap advice and get started (or move forward) plans and projects specific to the community.

How to: Decide on an easily accessible, public gathering space and invite community members and practitioners to join in the conversation, regardless of the state of their current projects. Publicize widely. Sign people up beforehand to present their projects and ideas. Be sure to plan icebreakers and food to get people comfortable before sharing starts. Organize a system of show-and-tell that gives everyone equal time and attention. Make sure to have documentation materials on hand and, ideally, volunteers to collect documentation and follow up with participants about project development. 

Impact statement: The Cultural Action Clinic can help launch projects across the community, connecting potential allies and collaborators on the ground and sharing ideas, practices, and tools.