The FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics)

Basic Description: People come together to break bread, paying on a sliding scale for their meals. Community-based art projects are proposed and voted upon. The project with the most votes receives the proceeds from the dinner. Build community and fund projects at the same time!

How-to: Find an easily accessible space with a functional kitchen and dining area. Decide on a cost structure that works for your community and invite community members to sign up. Find local arts and activists who would like to participate by seeking funding for their projects. Recruit a handful of helpful cooks. You may wish to partner with a local CSA (community supported agriculture group) or co-op to help cut ingredients costs. Participants get a tasty meal and a ballot with which they can vote on the community-based art projects that need a little financial help. The project with the most votes at the close of the dinner receives the proceeds.


Impact statement: The FEAST is a way to directly impact the development of community-based projects. While one proposed work will walk away with funding to help launch, participants are also exposed to other lines of thinking and potential local projects.