Community Sculpture Garden

Basic Description: Discarded materials of various shapes and sizes are kept in a place with public access so that community members can come and build their own temporary sculptures or peruse the work of other participants.

How To: Gather materials from around the neighborhood (with attention to those who may use the sculpture garden—if young children are likely to help with the fun, avoid sharp edges, etc.) Find an accessible space to gather materials and post a description of the project nearby. Publicize the effort and watch as art is made!

Inspiration: The Arroyo Seco Youth Ranch in Northern New Mexico invited campers to try their hands at sculpture using found objects in a field on the ranch. One such camper was the USDAC’s Lead Initiative Investigator for the Bureau of Speculative Acts and Technologies of Empathy.

Impact statement: The community sculpture garden is intended to encourage creativity among participants, provide a community-gathering space and beautify neighborhoods. It would serve well, too, as a potential site for discussions about ongoing neighborhood issues and plans.