Neighborhood Postcard Project

Basic Description: Help the residents of your neighborhood share personal, familial, and communal stories about where they live with the larger community.

How-to: You can download the full Neighborhood Postcard Project Pack in English or Portuguese for free here. Residents of your apartment building, neighborhood, town or city are offered postcards on which they can write stories about their community to share with fellow residents. Completed postcards are delivered to random folks in different neighborhoods/apartment buildings/parts of a town or city. You may also want to gather postcard writers and recipients together to talk about what they discovered from their unknown pen pals. 


Impact statement: Because the project encourages conversation across race, ethnicity, class and gender lines, it may help to open lines of communication between different groups.It can also break down stereotypes and build community by communicating by postcard with those who might not know how great your community really is.