The American Town Hall on Anything

Brief description: Offer a space for communication and exchange among neighbors, community members and passersby about, well, anything!

How to:

1. Get some paper, tape, and a marker.

2. Load four chairs into a car.

3. Drive to a nearby public spot and set up the four chairs in a close circle.

4. Put signs up on the backs of the chairs and 25 feet out in each direction that say "Free Speech—Free Listening."

5. Sit down and hold space for people to talk about anything: just look friendly, engage people without pressure, and allow people to come and go. It’s best to remain unattached to outcomes: just let the conversation go where the participants want to take it. Ask questions to develop the conversation, but refrain from offering your opinion.  Ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable at all times.

Inspiration: Submitted to the HI-LI database by Lucas Cioffi See more here

Impact statement: The American Town Hall on Anything encourages sharing and communication among diverse members of the community. Help foster connection and exchange in a public space near you!