Name Tag Day

Brief description: Imagine a day when everyone in your community wears an inviting nametag! Nametags could say, “I am open. I want to talk to you,” breaking down barriers and helping people connect to each other.   

How to:

1. Meet two months out to plan the project [fundraising/kickstarter], picking the transit stations and other public areas your team can cover. Then plan how you will reach out to community organizations and recruit volunteers to pass out nametags.

2. Write press release, contact media outlets, and use social media in the month leading up to the event to build awareness. [Deliver on kickstarter prizes.]

3. Have a walkthough with volunteers to make sure they understand the focus of the event, how to attract attention and explain the event.

4. Set up stations on the day of the event, pass out nametags and explain how it works, inviting everyone to participate.

Inspiration: Submitted to the HI-LI database by Eric Boromisa

Impact statement: Nametag Day encourages communication and exchange between diverse members of the community. It helps develop connection across the city!