Town Artist Registry

Brief description: Does your community have an abundance of artists who are willing to place their gifts at the service of the community? Consider inviting artists to become part of a registry that can be searched by local organizations and businesses looking for artistic collaborators. Artists can make themselves available for pro bono work, barter artistic services for other types of help, or work for fees.

How-to: There are a number of forms the registry could take, but perhaps the easiest is to communicate as widely as possible with artists and cultural practitioners in your community asking them to sign up. The registry needs to be searchable and available, so select a low or no-cost online platform that a small collection of volunteers (or maybe just you) can manage.

Impact statement: The Town Artist Registry helps cultural producers connect with those in need of their services. In addition to helping communities foster creative exchange, it is a pragmatic way to get the word out about local artists while encouraging community connection and exchange.