Imagining What We Wish to See

Offered by: Dave Loewenstein

At-a-glance:  How collaborative murals can guide our way to the future we wish to inhabit.

Description: What do those glimpses of the future inspired by USDAC time traveling really look like? Equity, empathy, social justice. What do these values look like in your community? How do you imagine they could be more fully embraced? Using the language of color, shape, texture and image, neighborhood groups, social justice organizations, workers co-ops and others will translate their travelogues into visual poetry that speak to our journeys and address these questions.  Join middle of the Middle of the Map agent Dave Loewenstein in the creation of a portable mural that embodies our visions, while learning the basic organizing and technical skills used to build community-based murals.

Learn more about Dave: Scroll down the page here.