The Shalom Center/MLK+50

At the heart of Dr. King’s most profound, prophetic, & provocative sermon is his reminder that America is threatened by the "triplets" Racism, Militarism, & Materialism; that we need a radical revolution in values from a thing-oriented to a people-oriented society; and that we face "the fierce urgency of Now."

The urgency is even fiercer in our generation, 50 years later. We ask, why "triplets" instead of any other word for "three"? Because biological triplets share DNA -- and these triplets share the DNA of subjugation, disempowering a host of "Others."

So in the present linked crises of attacks on American democracy and on the interwoven web of life that makes up Planet Earth, we seek to learn from Dr. King’s wisdom and courage how to go forward in our own thought and action today.

Recommended action for #RevolutionOfValues

Gathering "Clergy & Laity Concerned About America" on April 4, 2017, at New York Ave Presbyterian Church iin Washington DC, three blocks from the White House, for an all-day set of workshops on how in our many home communities we can combat the deadly triplets.