Forecast Public Art

FORECAST PUBLIC ART fosters dynamic, inclusive and resilient communities through public art, community-engaged design and transformative place-based development. For more than 40 years we have improved the collective life by connecting the energies and talents of artists with the needs and opportunities of communities. Forecast is respected regionally, nationally and internationally for a unique combination of responsive services, support directly to public artists, and abundant information and resources, including Public Art Review, the world’s leading public art journal. 

Public art occupies a unique position within the art world. In comparison with gallery, museum, dance and theater shows, public art is free, there are no tickets or reservations needs. You can view it alone or in groups and it is open to everyone. The power of public art is that it is accessible to all people, regardless of income, race, gender, mobility, immigration status or language. In addition to accessibility, public art and placemaking programming can contribute to a more dynamic, equitable and resilient community by contributing to community efforts and action, poverty and social inclusion goals, health and well-being, community safety, travel/access, and skills acquisition and job training. Whatever the form, public art helps to create shared meaning, a greater sense of identity and understanding of each other. 

We are proud to partner with the USDAC and other allies on #RevolutionOfValues, a weeklong creative action from 2-8 April 2018. Last year, Forecast Public Art approved a new mission and vision that evolves us from what Dr. King describes as “thing-oriented,” where we see our role as dedicated to the creation of public art, to a more intentional “person-oriented” organization dedicated to the transformational power of art in our shared public lives. We have made a commitment as an organization to work in collaboration with others who share the values expressed in the #RevolutionOfValues campaign.