Caron Atlas, Minister of Naturally Occurring Cultural Districts, Brooklyn, NY

At a workshop on the West Side of Charlotte, NC, the group—which ranged in age from middle schoolers to elders—created a tree of community knowledge. Its beautiful array of roots, branches, and buds encouraged us to question the system, listen to elders, organize youth. This tree stands for the power of community wisdom, connections, compassion, and creativity. As the tree says, "we are greater than the sum of our parts." Together we can envision a better future so the State of the Union, in our communities, can be strong.

The Building Culturally, Politically, and Technologically Connected Communities workshop was cosponsored by Arts & Democracy, Media and Democracy Fund, Behailu Academy, PowerUp NC, QC Family Tree, and the Tribe. This is being followed up with a USDAC cosponsored story circle on the right to belong.