We, the people, do hereby create

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture*

a new citizen-powered initiative to cultivate the public interest in art and culture and catalyze art and culture in the public interest. 

Imagining 2034, Nationwide

This summer, Cultural Agents across the U.S. began bringing their local communities together to envision what their neighborhoods (and the world) might look like in 2034, when art's transformative power has been fully integrated into all aspects of public life. Find out more about the Imaginings and read the reports as they roll in!

    Step On Up,     Citizen Artists!

Your creativity is needed. Enlist today! Citizen Artists need not self-define as artists nor be U.S. citizens in the legal sense of the word. Rather, we invite anyone who values creativity, empathy, and social imagination to step up and play their part in enacting the people-powered department. Sign up and take the Citizen Artist pledge.

A People-Powered Department

The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is not a federally recognized agency, but an act of collective imagination fueled by all who believe that art and culture are among our most powerful and under-tapped resources for creating a more just, equitable, and vibrant world. Learn more about the USDAC and read our Statement of Values

*The USDAC is not an official federal entity.