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Is your organization committed to building a world rooted in love and justice through art, culture, social imagination, and community dialogue? Does your organization stand with the USDAC Statement of Values? Do you want to join with others in a movement for cultural democracy?

To connect and amplify the many efforts to harness the power of creativity for an equitable, just, and democratic society, the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture invites like-minded organizations, coalitions, collectives, and networks to join us as USDAC Affiliates by filling out this inquiry form.

As a USDAC Affiliate, you’ll be:

  • listed on the USDAC site
  • invited to join in Citizen Artist Salons
  • invited to take part in Actions
  • linked into our social media and storytelling efforts
  • receiving a free batch of swag!

We’re  developing more connective infrastructure based on the expressed desires and needs of Affiliates. There is no cost associated with becoming a USDAC Affiliate. (If you'd like to make a donation, you're welcome to do so here.)