The USDAC is grateful for the support of the following partners:

The Hemera Foundation supports innovative organizations and initiatives that foster basic human goodness in individuals and society. We believe creativity plays a critical role in our society and explore an open question: how does artistic creativity enhance the human experience? For more, visit We are deeply grateful for their support!

The Compton Foundation is a U.S.-based family foundation with a commitment to "support transformative leadership and courageous storytelling, inspiring action toward a peaceful, just, sustainable future." We are deeply grateful for their support!

We're thrilled to partner with Imagining America (home of the USDAC's launching press conference!) and are grateful for their support of our first Imaginings. Imagining America advances knowledge and creativity through publicly engaged scholarship that draws on humanities, arts, and design. They catalyze change in campus practices, structures, and policies that enable publicly engaged artists and scholars to thrive and contribute to community action and revitalization. 

In addition to  providing writers, artists, and activists with a peaceful refuge from which to work in the heart of the Adirondacks, the Blue Mountain Center seeks to support work that furthers a commons-based society and holds the market accountable for the well-being of the commons. We are tremendously grateful for their support of our work on the cultural commons.


The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics is a collaborative, multilingual and interdisciplinary network of institutions, artists, scholars, and activists throughout the Americas. Working at the intersection of scholarship, artistic expression and politics, the organization explores embodied practice—performance—as a vehicle for the creation of new meaning and the transmission of cultural values, memory and identity. The Hemispheric Institute hosted Adam Horowitz as an Artist Fellow from 2013-2015.

Bowery Arts + Science is a non-profit organization with a venue – Bowery Poetry – in downtown Manhattan. Their mission is to encourage cooperation among and advancement of artists and cultural workers; to develop and produce works by emerging poets and performers; and to promote the exploration, improvement, and advancement of the arts as a changemaking force in society. We're grateful to BA+S for providing fiscal sponsorship to the USDAC and collaborating on numerous initiatives, including the People's State of the Union. 


The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council offered a temporary home-base to USDAC HQ on Governor's Island in NYC as part of the spring 2015 Process Space program. Process Space provides intensive, project-based studio residencies, including opportunities for audience development, for mid-career and established artists and arts groups working across all disciplines. 

Thanks also to the Carroll Petrie Foundation, the McIntyre Foundation, the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission, the Germanacos Foundation, the Rauschenberg Foundation, Metabolic Studios, WESTAF, and the St. Louis Community Foundation.

We're looking for additional support as we build out our infrastructure to wider our reach and deepen our impact. If you're inspired by our vision and want to support our work in some way please be in touch.

We also partner with hundreds of organizations and communities on specific national actions, i.e. our partners for the People’s State of the Union.

founding co-conspirators

The following individuals have generously contributed to the USDAC as Founding Co-Conspirators. (You too can join the ranks, with an Artistic License to prove it:

Caron Atlas, Ian Temple, Andrew Boyd, Alysha Shaw, Stephanie Johnstone, Alexandra Lakind, Elias Feghali, Lennon Flowers, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Daniel Larlham, Kevin Bott, John-Michael Parker, Judith Shaw, Yolanda Palacio, Robert Horowitz, Alexis Flanagan, Rae Breaux, Samuel Sweet, Veena Vasista, Erik Moe, Blue Telusma, Marlene Ramirez-Cancio, Marni Sandweiss, Brandon Perdomo, Dave Loewenstein, Ross Perlin, Con Christeson, Nicholas Ward, Beth Grossman, Roseann Weiss, Blake Russell, Peter Bloomfield, Dolan McMillan, Miko Lee, Dana Edell, Jesse Alexander, Walter Cruz, Eric Sandweiss, Janice Marks, Sara Harvey, Jerry Richardson, Alyssa Marchese, Geneva Cockrell, Bob Holman, Chris Lempa, Angel Hogan, David O'Fallon, Elizabeth Fulton, Joy Sandweiss, Liliana Ashman, Trevor Davis, Bruce Davis, B.J. Evans, Kaethe Weingarten, Becca Lynch, Tracy Rogers, Sherri Brueggemann, Cassia Cogger, Sally Gaskill, Alan Webb, Ross Bernet, Abbey Judd, Tamara Ishmael, Bob Bland, DeAndrea Nichols, Barbara Kaplan, Teresa Camozzi, Janice Lynch Schuster, Jayeesha Dutta, Sarah Boddy, William Kirchner, Courtney Cook, Lee Paynter, Carol Schrader, Gabrielle Civil, Laura Moran, Tony Keith, Jeffrey Cohen, Stan Katz, Sofia Klatzker, Monica Lanning, Roz Parenti, Joan Shigekawa, Carol Boyd, Josh Adler, Josna Rege, Marshall Berzon, Kevin Lenkner, Monique Davis, Liz Maxwell, Melissa Nussbaum, Helena Ribe, MattByram Burke, Aly Kreikemeier, Steve Runge, Zalanka Jones Anderson, Olukemi Ilesanmi, Catherine Magruder.