USDAC Outposts

To help coordinate and multiply the impact of our collective efforts, the USDAC is forming an action-oriented network of local groups. Click on the groups below to learn more about the work of our first local Outposts. Want to get involved, but don't see a group near you? Consider starting your own Outpost! 

Outposts work to promote, disseminate, and enact USDAC values at the local level. They need not be associated with bricks and mortar spaces. Wherever they meet, they are working groups committed to ongoing organizing based in USDAC values. They define their missions locally—benefitting from connectivity, creativity, and support across sites—and also take part in National Actions.

[Note: Some of the first groups below were created by USDAC Cultural Agents and known as Field Offices. We have phased out of the Cultural Agent / Field Office model, and now invite aligned Citizen Artists anywhere to open Outposts.]