How do you bring the USDAC to your community? Start a USDAC Outpost!

There are many ways for individuals to take part in the USDAC, but there’s something to be said for strength in numbers. Get a few allies together and you multiply your capacity to learn, plan, engage others, and make real impact. We created the USDAC Outpost model to make that easy for you. Read on, and if this sounds like something that would work for you, fill out the form below to apply.

A USDAC Outpost is a group of four or more individuals committed to enacting USDAC values in their community. Outposts may focus on learning, relationship-building, and/or taking action through USDAC National Actions and your own local value-aligned projects and campaigns.

The USDAC provides each Outpost:

  • A start-up toolkit with resources, information, and ideas to help you build involvement, such as discussion guides for structured local conversations that help to create a learning and action community rooted in USDAC values. Plus, we’ll send a small batch of swag!
  • Support in taking part in USDAC National Actions such as the People’s State of the Union.
  • A listing on the USDAC website.
  • Support from a Regional Envoy, Cultural Agent, or member of the Office of Instigation in formulating your plans.
  • Regular online video calls connecting Outposts with each other and with experienced USDAC organizers.

In return, Outposts:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.13.17 PM.png
  • Take part in USDAC National Actions in ways relevant to local needs and resources.
  • Enact and promote USDAC values through local projects or campaigns.
  • Keep the USDAC informed of your activities so we can help promote them.
  • Take part in video calls to stay connected with the USDAC network

Once an Outpost has been active for at least 6 months, members can apply to take things to the next level by opening a Field Office. Field Offices don’t need a physical office, just a core of local USDAC folks and allies. As local networks committed to ongoing organizing, they receive additional strategic assistance, opportunities to apply for funding, access to a suite of powerful digital organizing tools, support with documentation and storytelling, and more.


To support you in considering how an Outpost might work for you and how you can kickstart conversations among allies to get one started, we’ve created this “Before You Apply” guide. You’ll find ideas for how to introduce the USDAC in your community, a sample agenda for a founding meeting, the USDAC’s Working Agreements and more.