Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice with the EPA!


On Saturday, September 8, 2018, people across the U.S. are Rising for Climate, Jobs and Justice on the occasion of the global climate summit being held in San Francisco. Plug in with your art and yourself to one of the hundreds of events around the U.S. and the world!

Get inspired by some ways the People’s EPA (Bureau of Energy, Power, and Art) and the larger USDAC network are bringing the power of art to bear in this moment:

Gulf South and Puerto Rico:

  • Plug in to the Stories of Survival tour: cultural organizing storytelling tour across gulf south and Puerto Rico, organized by StoryShift, led by Cultural Agent Jayeesha Dutta.   

Bay Area, California:

New Haven, CT:

  • You can join Paying Homage: Soil & Site, a free summit on September 8 to explore the interplay of environmentalism, social justice, the arts, and community identity. Thanks to EPA salon participant Helen Kauder for the info!

Baltimore, MD:  

New York City, NY:

Philadelphia, PA:

  • Artists are connecting through the Clean Energy Revolution Art Facebook group that started with the Clean Energy Revolution March in Philly just before the DNC Convention in 2016. Thanks to EPA salon participant Peggy Hartzel for the info!

Online and all over!

To hear more stories from some of these projects, check out the recording from our Citizen Artist Salon!

To stay in the loop as we build this network of artists, activists, and cultural organizers dedicated to climate and environmental justice through creative intervention and participatory arts, please sign up directly on the EPA bureau page here.