Imaginings draw 2,500+

At the USDAC, we believe that with ecological, economic, and social crises unfolding all around us, we must strengthen our capacity to connect and collaborate across difference in order to collectively imagine a more just and sustainable society. In June and July more than 2,500 people came together in towns and cities across the country, harnessing the power of art and culture to do just that.Facilitated by the USDAC's founding Cultural Agents, our first round of  used participatory murals, live music, parades, facilitated dialogues, theatrical improvisations, time machines, collaborative collages, open mics, and much more to engage Citizen Artists of all stripes in envisioning their communities in the year 2034. Now the work truly begins, as our people-powered department seeks to translate these ideas, dreams, and visions into creative and tangible local and national projects in service of a more equitable world. See dispatches from the individual imaginings here: