Imagine an army of creatives—artists, organizers, educators, and others—working to advance equity, empathy, sustainability, and social justice through art and culture. This force is already here! We want to help bring it together and to expand its ranks. Whether you're already performing this work or you're eager to begin, we invite you to join in the building of the new people-powered U.S. Department of Arts and Culture as a Citizen Artist. 

Citizen Artists need not self-define as artists or be U.S. citizens in the legal sense of the word! Rather, we welcome anyone who believes that these times call for a deep investment in creativity and imagination; everyone who wants to apply their gifts to a more just and vibrant world.  Join our mailing list, share your skills, and stay tuned for calls to creative action as well as volunteer opportunities with the people-powered department.

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Citizen Artist's Pledge
I do hereby join with the US Department of Arts & Culture in asserting that: access to culture is a fundamental human right; culture is created by all and thus should represent all; cultural diversity is a social good and the wellspring of free expression; a deep investment in creativity is critical to cultivating empathy and social imagination; and art and artists are powerful forces for accomplishing social change and strengthening social fabric. As a founding Citizen Artist, I pledge to all others affirming these values my creativity, integrity, and commitment to cultivate the public interest in art and culture and catalyze art and culture in the public interest.