Hop aboard as a host organization and animate your mission through new creative engagement strategies! 

Organizational Partners:

  • Push #DareToImagine out through newsletters, websites, and social media, inviting constituents to host Imagination Stations, with the option to create custom prompts and co-branded stations. 

  • Can host Imagination Stations of their own. (We can help connect with Emissaries.)

  • Gain exposure to the USDAC’s growing action network of artists, policymakers, and others harnessing creativity in the service of human rights, equity, healing, and justice.

  • Get listed on the #DareToImagine site. (Along with their logo and mission, national partners will post action steps participants can take, encouraging ongoing involvement).

  • Receive coverage for their events through USDAC blogs, newsletters, and other promotion.

Questions? Contact our Action Maestr@, Kate McNeely: kate@usdac.us.