People and Partners - CULTURE/SHIFT 2018


This year the USDAC is collaborating with New Mexico-based artists, organizers, change-makers, and allies to bring CULTURE/SHIFT 2018 to life. In addition to sessions and workshops led by people from the USDAC’s national network, a local host committee of artists and organizers is curating workshops rooted in the culture and politics of the Southwest, highlighting the region’s resiliencies, challenges, and assets. Expect to hear from artists working with immigrant families, organizers collaborating with artists to create policy change, communities using art to bolster Indigenous cultural sovereignty, and many others.

Here are just a few of the CULTURE/SHIFTers you can expect to connect with and learn from!

  • Makani Themba (Chief Strategist at Higher Ground Change Strategies / USDAC Minister of Revolutionary Imagination) on artists as organizers and building alliances grounded in love, justice, and respect.
  • T. Lulani Arquette (President of Native Arts and Cultures Foundation / USDAC Catalyst for Native Creative Potential) on resisting, surviving, and thriving, drawing from Indigenous wisdom.
  • Roberto Bedoya (City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Manager / USDAC Minister of Belonging) on cultural rights and freedom.
  • Free Egunfemi (Untold RVA / USDAC Richmond Outpost) on tactical urbanism and commemorative justice.
  • Betty Yu (Chinatown Art Brigade / USDAC Bureau Chief - Belonging & Placekeeping) on creative strategies for resisting gentrification and displacement.
  • Jack Becker (Founder of Forecast Public Art / USDAC Public Art Mobilizer) on ethics in planning and creating public art.
  • Larry Bogad (UC Davis Professor of Theater and Dance / USDAC Minister of Tactical Performance) on the theory and practice of serious play.  

We'll be posting more here soon! For more of a taste of what's to come, check out the presenters from CULTURE/SHIFT 2016.

CULTURE/SHIFT 2018 is possible thanks to the work and support of many:



City of Albuquerque Department of Cultural Services (Dr. Shelle Sanchez, Director)


  • Anonymous donor
  • Hemera Foundation
  • Tecovas Foundation

Local Host Committee

Reed Barbroff, Ebony Booth, sheri crider, Tannia Esparza, Maria Gallegos, Maria Teresa Herrera, Szu Han Ho, Dominika Laster, Anni Leming, Daryl Lucero, Valerie Martinez, Elsa Menendez, Warren Montoya, Naomi Natale, Michelle Otero, Jaclyn Roessel, Roberta Rael