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#PSOTU2019 - People's State of the Union

In January of most years, the President delivers a State of the Union Address highlighting the past year and suggesting priorities for the coming year. But it’s a speech from one to many. The People’s State of the Union is an annual civic ritual open to every voice, rooted in the truth that democracy is a conversation, not a monologue.

“During the People’s State of the Union any individual or organization can host a Story Circle, bringing people together to reflect on the state of our union. This year Story Circles will be held January 25 - February 3, 2019. Events can take place anywhere—living rooms, schools, houses of worship, community centers, public parks, offices, libraries, theaters. The stories shared at these events are uploaded online to the #PSOTU2019 Story Portal, where anyone can read and be inspired by them: you’ll have access to instructions on creating your own collaborative Poetic Address to the Nation, hosting a PSOTU-inspired open mic, and much more!