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Citizen Artist Salon: Art Became the Oxygen

Watch the salon with friends: host a Salon Screening and Conversation:

  • Invite artists, activists, and allies who might be interested in the conversation and the opportunity to connect in person. 
  • Take time for everyone to meet and check in before you start screening the Salon recording. Be sure to circulate a signup sheet to get names and emails so you can follow up. 
  • After the screening, go around the circle and give everyone time to briefly answer these questions: “What are you taking away that relates to our opportunities in this community?" “What are you moved to take part in?” Noticing the time, discuss people’s responses. 
  • Then draw out areas of commonality (e.g., “It looks like most of us would like to do a project that connects natural and civil disasters, storms and the conditions that make them worse”). The Guide offers many project examples in many arts disciplines and forms. 
  • Get a sense of whether people are willing to meet again and work on next steps
  • If so, set a date and time.
  • If you feel there’s potential interest in forming a local group or coalition connected to USDAC values, actions, and resources, check out our Outpost page for more information. We'd be glad to support you in creating a USDAC Outpost in your community!
Later Event: October 13
Cultural Democracy in Fresno