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Citizen Artist Salon: Art Became the Oxygen

On August 3, the USDAC released Art Became The Oxygen: An Artist Response Guide, a free, downloadable 74-page guide to arts-based work responding to disaster or other community-wide emergency from Katrina to Ferguson, Sandy to Standing Rock. This Salon features amazing artist-activists sharing experience and advice from their own work. If you’re engaged in artistic response to build caring, protest, or resilience in the midst or wake of crisis, if you work with a funder or emergency management agency, or if you’re considering getting involved and want to know more, this Salon is for you.


  • Carole Bebelle, Co-founder and Executive Director of Ashé Cultural Arts Center in New Orleans;
  • Michael O’Bryan, Program Manager in Youth Arts Education at the Village of Arts and Humanities in North Central Philadelphia; and
  • Amber Hansen, South Dakota-based visual artist and Co-director of Called to Walls

Moderated by Arlene Goldbard, USDAC Chief Policy Wonk.

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